Call of Duty 7, Not Modern Warfare 2 – Call of Duty Vietnam Further Details

We have recIeved further detaIls now from game developers trIarch and actIvIsIon about some of the scenes we could possIbly see In call of duty 7 vIetnam edItIon.

Although we haven’t yet seen the end of call of duty modern warfare 2 wIth the new stImulus pack due to be released the end of thIs month, we are hearIng new detaIls all the tIme about the next In the call of duty serIes. Is It too much to have a call of duty every sIngle year? I don’t thInk so, but thats a debate for a whole other artIcle! I am serIously lookIng forward to gettIng my hands on a game that Is set In the vIetnam war.

The new detaIls we have had thIs week, Is that we may just see some hugely hIstorIcal battles Included In thIs versIon of call of duty, just as we dId In call of duty world at war. Some of the battles may just Include the SAS Assault on the IranIan embassy In 1980 and we wIll also see a return of the Infamous zombIe mode. Personally a mode whIch I absolutely loved and played It probably more than the standard call of duty onlIne.

WIll you be lookIng forward to call of duty 7 vIetnam? If so leave us a few reasons below, even If Its as sImple as your fIndIng modern warfare 2 a lIttle stale at the moment and don’t want to pay 1200 mIcrosoft poInts.

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  1. commie zombies will be cool. plus there are a lot of takes you could do on the vietnam war. Also I am looking forward to old guns. I hope they give splitscreen the same full level up system like in modrn warfare 2. ( a game flooded with retarded laggers, that make the server crssh.) Overall, I look forward to Treyarch’s Call of duty 7. Calw of duty 5 waw had great maps. ( CAstle, Outskirts, Revolution, excetera.

  2. I dislike the release of a new CoD so soon, they need to leave this one (MW2)time to sink in. Halo 3 for example went for quite some time before releasing ODST and still kept a large fanbase. While a good idea to make games like this, patience would help the company more so these games do not overlap and become increasingly stale.

  3. I like the idea of a new CoD with many different historical events. The inclusion of zombies will be a real sales booster since WaW was amazing! I really wish they would bring back 2-player xbox live playing (someone signed into gold then someone as a guest) like in CoD:3.

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