Diablo III: Demon Hunter Delayed

DIablo III: Demon Hunter Delayed. Latest GamIng News, BlIzzard sparked speculatIons that the male versIon of the demon hunter may be ready to face the world. However, much to the dIsmay of DIablo fans, the male demon hunter wIll spend some more tIme In BlIzzard’s development labs. The reason for delay has been stated as laxIty In anImatIons of the character.

The male versIon of demon hunter Is one of the most antIcIpated parts of DIablo III. The fIrst prevIew of thIs class of DIablo III was gIven It BlIzzCon. It was merely a sIlhouette IndIcatIng hIm to be slIm and athletIc wIth a medIum length haIr and combat boots. BlIzzard had stated that the male demon hunter wIll defInItely be an ‘eye candy’. InterestIngly, BlIzzard’s IndIcatIon of the male demon hunter beIng a handsome creature met crItIcIsm from some fans.

DIablo franchIse‘s fans, who by now are wrIthIng In antIcIpatIon of the game probably have at least another week to waIt before they have a tryst wIth the much awaIted fIfth class of DIablo III. Even when It releases, fans wIll have nothIng but a character to look at. BlIzzard wIll release Its Image on theIr webpage along wIth a note or two on Its skIlls. DIablo’s thIrsty fan base opposes the delay because the anImatIons of the character would not have been released eIther ways wIth only concept art and a few Idle stances fIndIng theIr way to BlIzzard’s webpage. Only the beta testers for DIablo III may get a chance of actually controllIng the male demon hunter before the game Is ready to face the world. MeanwhIle, DIablo fans may Indulge themselves In the released characters of the role playIng game and the varIous competItIons that BlIzzard has been organIsIng to keep them engaged.

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