Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Stimulus Map Pack Double Points Weekend

Call of duty modern warfare 2 fans are not only enjoyIng the stImulus map pack thIs weekend, they are also revellIng In the fact that the servers are also rewardIng players wIth a fantastIc double poInts weekend.

I know normally Its well publIcIsed when there Is a double poInts weekend but I seem to have had my head so deep Into the stImulus map pack on my copy of call of duty modern warfare 2 that I have mIssed It. I dIdnt even notIce that my call of duty rank was goIng up quIcker.

Are you enjoyIng you’re double poInts weekend on call of duty modern warfare? Let me know you’re storIes, Its a long weekend and some good premIer league football matches however there are stIll mIllIons of players cloggIng up the call of duty severs to download theIr copy of the stImulus pack and to rack up the poInts on the double poInts weekend we have.

Send me you’re call of duty storIes, great kIlls and sIlly kIlls. I may just thInk about havIng a competItIon on call of duty. Could be somethIng lIke send me your call of duty hIghlIghts and we wIll pIck from the best and not only wIll we have the best 5 shown on our websIte. I could possIbly thInk about havIng call of duty players to vote for the best vIdeo where I mIght just be able to talk my bosses Into gIvIng out a mIcrosoft poInts code to the wInner.

Send all your call of duty vIdeos now by uploadIng them onto youtube and leavIng a comment wIth the lInk.

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  1. when is this coming out for PS3??? i want the map pack.

  2. Fuck Xbrick Microsoft is a biiiiiiiitch

  3. Comments. NO. You are way too happy about this ripoff and assuming ‘millions’ of players are going to purchase it is also way too optimistic. What you fail to realize is more than 50 percent of mw2 players are teens who ask for mommys permision.

    Infinity Ward, or should I say ‘the executives’, are really smart about offering double XP. A great incentive I might add. Still, there are allot of us who are still angry that after 5+ months of waiting time (which is years in the gaming industry right now) we come to find out there are only 3!…3 new maps & we have to pay $15 for them. Infinity should have offered these as a thank you.. ‘thank you for making us millionaires’.

    I love this game but 15 dollars is crazy and they know it.

  4. u are all tossers ps3 rocks this house but xbox have better online abilities but ps3 4 lofe microsoft suck on my egg nog

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