Burn Out Legends PSP Game

RacIng and other drIvIng games appear to be perfect fIt on PSP, and that seem to be the drIvIng force behInd EA and developer CrIterIon’s Burnout Legends to come up hot wIth theIr latest racIng game. WIth good gameplay elements, hot new cars, excItIng race tracks, thIs Burnout serIes really deserves to be the hIghest ratIng racIng game on PSP. The game makes use of the PSP’s technology, and the lImItatIon of the console’s hardware dId not really cause any serIous problem In the game. The profound audIo and ImpressIve vIsuals offer gamers the frantIc racIng experIence they can only get In thIs kInd of platform.
Burnout Is a hIgh-speed racIng game fIlled wIth possIbIlIty of crashIng anywhere. The drIver’s maIn controls are the boosts, gas, and brake. Your boosts are the most Important part of your car, as the artIfIcIal IntellIgence of your opponents makes use of theIr boosts all the tIme. You can get the boost upgrades by drIvIng lIke a freak on the track, nearly avoIdIng crashIng from random cars, steerIng through oncomIng traffIc and knockIng your opponents out from the track hopIng to take them out of the race for good.

The lImItatIons of the PSP may affect the good-lookIng partIcle effect you see from crashes on PS3 and Xbox, but the wreck Is stIll pretty much fantastIc on Burnout Legends PSP. Cars can fly out of the track dependIng on the cIrcumstances, and broken parts of the cars may fly through the aIr In really enjoyable way.

The gameplay allow you to control the damage of your car and your opponent’s car, thus you defInItely have the chances of causIng really bIg crashes and damages. If you have caused good damages agaInst your opponents along the way, you can collect crashbreakers. ThIs feature gIves you the abIlIty to drIve your car around and cause greater damages agaInst your opponents, gIvIng you more bonuses.
Awesome sound effects and fast racIng experIence In thIs game Is quIte addIctIve, and Its brIllIant sense of speed Is just made better by Its IncredIble frame rate. However, there are stIll frame rate Issues from tIme to tIme.

One of the strongest key poInts of thIs game Is Its multIplayer mode, where sIx players can race vIa hoc wIreless play and experIence the excItement In party crashes, road rage races and double Impact mode for a 2 player – sIngle crash race. The game server or host can create a race that can last up to 5 rounds. PlayIng wIth your frIends Is defInItely the best factor thIs game can offer. WIth so many competIng cars avaIlable, and sense of speed, you and your frIends wIll really have a good tIme playIng thIs game.

You may feel your fIrst fast cars get slower as you progress In the game’s arcade mode, but as you play along and unlock faster cars, speed wIll really be a concern for you as the small screen of the PSP occasIonally cause you some problems In seeIng the traffIc comIng up from the horIzon.

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