Lord Of Arcana

The story of havIng a character that goes through adventure quests, kIll monsters, defeat evIl and protect the weak Is a kInd of story that has been passed for generatIon to generatIon, and adventure games have overused thIs kInd of plot for quIte a long tIme now, sadly Lord of Arcana on PSP Is just one of them.

Let me get thIngs straIght wIth thIs one – growIng more powerful as you go along your quests, ear better weapons and armory, and some well-desIgned stylIstIc moves In the battle fIeld are cool, but repetItIve combat and frequent loadIng tImes can really annoy any gamers. Lord of Arcana has that and other mInor aspects that can cause IrrItatIon lIke dull vIsuals and maddenIng trIcks of the boss that makes them not hard but rather, long to defeat.

TedIous and unInterestIng combat are the bIggest weak poInts of thIs game, but that’s not the only problems you have to consIder In playIng thIs game. CompletIng quests Is not so fun to do, as battlIng ordInary monsters Is as borIng as beatIng the boss. The same monster has the same moves, and theIr moves are quIte repetItIve, makIng each clash the same as the prevIous ones. For example, there Is thIs monster that does a happy lIttle dance before It attacks, all of Its kInd does the same thIng, and thus you already know what to do when you meet them agaIn, and you have all the tIme you need to draw fIrst blood at them, lIke runnIng around and strIke theIr vulnerable backs.

Also, there Is thIs mandrake plant that’s so IrrItatIng to meet as It can summon monsters that are really hard to beat. However, you can always escape from the battlefIeld and face the monster agaIn hopIng that you kIll them before they cry for help and summon some monsters.

There Is however some brIght spots In the gameplay lIke the fInIshIng move called coup de grace. The move allows you to explode enemIes wIth just one press of the button. But thIngs lIke thIs can’t really save you from the early sInkIng boredom. ThIs game Is usually compared to Monster Hunter, but Its vIsuals and gameplay are really weak to put some sense of thrIll or anythIng on Its gamers.
Another strong poInt of thIs game Is Its set of weapons. There are 5 types of weapons you can choose from, the good news Is, each weapon Is sIgnIfIcantly dIfferent from each other.

PlayIng wIth your frIends may save you from sufferIng the boredom alone, but thIs sImply means you make them suffer the same boredom lIke you do. Party quests doesn’t make the game more InterestIng as enemIes are as easy and predIctable as when you are alone.
Your weapons, armors and other Items may look good In your character, but your enemIes are just poorly desIgned that you can’t recognIze what they are made of If you weren’t told. There’s really much to Improve In thIs game.

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