Additional Pets from Sims 3

The franchIse of SIms Is known for Its numerous expansIons and quIck hIttIng. To keep Its tradItIon, publIsher ElectronIc Arts has released the next add-on the serIes after released SIms 3 by the GeneratIon pack. The serIes Itself tells about the newest expansIon of SIms 3 that Is completed wIth cats and dogs.

The theme of the expansIon Is anImals and It wIll allow the games to create, customIze and control over a hundred types of cats and dogs. Based on the EA, thIs expansIon can be consIdered as the largest undertakIng In the hIstory of thIs franchIse.  Based on the schedule, The SIms 3: Pets wIll be at retaIl for the Xbox 360, PlayStatIon 3, and 3DS. For the Xbox 360, It Is connected wIth the MIcrosft’s KInect technology that allows the gamers for controllIng the pets wIth voIce commands. It also comes wIth unIque features to make your game more enjoyable.

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