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Uncage the beast with Americas Cardroom and the Cage Live poker events

The number one US-facing poker site, Americas Cardroom (ACR), gives poker fans a unique opportunity to experience poker on a completely different level.  The site’s Cage Live events are held each year in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica and bring together poker excitement with an over-the-top weekend blast in one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations.

The Cage LIve is a two-day time-based cash game that sees all players start with a $5,000 stack.  When the time runs out at the end of Day 2, whatever chips remain in the stacks are what the players keep, dollar for dollar.

Want to go to Costa Rica? Here are some of the past big winners of The Cage Live:

  • Troy Quenneville $51,315 – January 2018
  • Dan Stavila $42,115 – July 2018
  • Thomas Cannuli $30,745 – October 2018
  • Nick Boll $50,485 – December 2018

The Cage Live is more than poker and it’s more than Costa Rica. It’s an opportunity to party for a weekend and to meet the awesome staff of ACR.  Take a tour of the company’s offices and see what it takes to make all the excitement happen.Dan Stavila, who went to Costa Rica for the July Cage Live event, said in an interview, “My name’s Dan Stavila and I finished with $42,115 in chips so it’s been a great day to say the least.  It feels amazing … It’s just been a great experience! … It’s been nice to come out here to Costa Rica.”

There are still several Cage Live events on tap for this year:

  • March 29 – April 1
  • May 31 – June 3
  • August 9 – 12
  • October 4 -7
  • December 6 – 9

Every Sunday, ACR is hosting satellites that award two weekly Cage Live travel packages worth $8,340.  Airfare, accommodations, the buy-in and even $1,000 in spending money are included with each package.

Hot and big are perfect for describing the next huge announcement from ACR.  The site is introducing its $5 Million Venom tournament, the largest tournament in ACR history.  This is sure to be the ultimate experience!  For all the details about the $5 Million Venom, visit

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