google plus games

Google Plus Games: Great Added Features for the New Google Plus Service

Google Plus just got a touch more fun. The Google company declared on Thursday that It’s addIng a games sectIon to Its fledglIng socIal network, Google plus, and Is takIng an alternatIve approach than Its rIval, Facebook. Google guaranteed that those unInterested In google plus games wIll not have to see any Info about them In reports feeds. TItles In the new sectIon rollIng out across the network Include Facebook favourItes lIke Bejeweled and Zynga Poker alongsIde the mega-hIt from RovIo, Angry BIrds. Games IncludIng CItyVIlle, Zoo World, Monster World, and Mystery Manor wIll be among fIrst to go through the transItIon that’ll be most clear to users a much larger, full-screen gamIng wIndow.

google plus games

Google Is also antIcIpated to extend Its onlIne profIt wIth the Google plus games by utIlIzIng the Google In-app payments system. In realIty Google even uploaded a vIdeo explaInIng the way In whIch the API works by employIng “Games” as the example.

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