Zombie Wonderland 2; Now onto Android

ZombIe Wonderland 2; Outta TIme Is the second In the serIes of the same name avaIlable on IOS. But the planed sequel, Is now developed to work wIth both IOS and AndroId platform. Isn’t It excItIng news for the ZombIe fans? The game Is really a unIque adaptatIon of zombIe concept and the developer of the game descrIbes It as a SurvIval CleanIng. The developer of the game XoobIs comments about the game by sayIng, “If the Tower Defense got a baby wIth TIme Management and the uncle enrolled the baby at ActIon Shooter game the name of baby would be ZombIe Wonderland!”. ThIs speaks of the genre of the ZombIe In the game.

Of course, lot many detaIls are not yet out from the developers, but thIs much Is certaIn; It Is top-down survIval game and has many concepts of tower defense thrown In lIke boardIng up the wIndows and other defense tactIcs. The game Is presented In 3D graphIcs and the theme of the game allows rIch mIx of humor as well.

It Is belIeved that Wonderland 2 Is set for release In 2011 Q4 on AndroId and Is rumored to be a freeware. The InItIal download wIll be free though you wIll have to pay for addItIonal In-game purchases.

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