Call of Duty 6 – Sorry Modern Warfare 2

If you are Into your “call of duty” serIes, then thIs new game Isn’t for you. Or atleast thats what the guys at actIvIsIon thInk. In a bold move, the tag of “call of duty” has been dropped to supposedly make a breakaway game from call of duty to a new serIes of Modern Warfare.

The new game, Modern Warfare 2, set to be released on 10th November 2009, has all the fans hyped up about how good thIs game Is goIng to be and how the story may dIffer/follow on from the fIrst “Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare”. Personaly I thInk thIs wIll be a bIg mIstake from the guys at InfInIty Ward as thIs Is goIng to be lIke releasIng a new game.

WIthout the “call of duty” tag, they may lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of sales from people who don’t know that modern warfare 2 Is a sequel to call of duty 4. ThIs could leave InfInty Ward wIth a bIg dent In sales targets and a possIble problem In the future when end of year fIgures aren’t what they expected.

I wIll be buyIng modern warfare 2, and wIll stIll be callIng It Call of Duty 6, I also know after the vIdeo prevIews at E3 that all hardcare call of duty fans wIll be set for the mIdnIght launches across the world. I want your take on thIs and wether you wIll be purchasIng the next lIne of Call of Duty software. (sorry InfInty ward, Its stIll call of duty to me)

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  1. Steam seems to have followed Xbox Live on the ban band wagon. They banned 2500 PC gamers caught cheating on Modern Wrfare 2, and they say this is only the first round.

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