Micheal Jackson Moonwalker Game Download

Yes the kIng of pop Is dead, and for that we all have to hope hIs famIly are ok and that he rest In peace.

However he shall not be forgotten! Does everyone remember hIs game, Moonwalker for the Sega Mega DrIve?! If you vaguely remember the youtube vIdeo Is below.

Also you can download the game here!

Get ready to play moonwalker over and over agaIn, I had hours of fun off thIs.

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  1. grant, the link is in the text for you to download!

  2. the link is not working, I can’t download this game. Please help.

  3. Absolutely superb!

  4. Tray loads of people have downloaded it, if u can’t get it still then leave your email and ill send it

  5. if anyone is having trouble with the download link, then please make sure youve got your pop up blockers ofF!!!

    most of the comments ive read and not approved have come from people saying the page just reloads again!

  6. Ok everyone who has said it’s not downloading, you should have an email waiting for you at your mailbox you used to post, please also check your junk!

    Anyone else having trouble leave a post and i will email as soon as im free

  7. i have downloaded it but there is no picture coming up

  8. What are the controls???

  9. the controls can be customized in the menu, i dontknow the default

  10. If the game isnt loading then you have to look at the video settings as your the only one complaining of this

  11. how do u get it on two player

  12. katerina scavotto

    Hi, I remember the game. We miss MJ.I would love to download the game to show my kids. Thanks

  13. could you send me the link please. this ga


  15. i have problems in downloading plz help or send me to my email

  16. tonnie big fan michael jackson downloaden
    love to michael the dead forever

  17. ym not to kids for sex love game to me.
    big for me.

  18. I can’t download this game,please HELP!

  19. the game is in the text, where it says “here”, if you stillcant get it to work, then please let me know again and I shall email it

  20. yo.. attractive style..

  21. im from Poland and i like it

  22. where it says here, there is a clickable link

  23. hustle!!!
    i can’t download this game!!

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