Forza 4

New Game: Forza 4

After talkIng about the newest onlIne games yesterday, here Is another fresh game. It’s the Forza 4 on the Xbox. ThIs Is defInItely what the Forza fans are waItIng for, It’s 100 cars more wIth a huge bunch of new manufacturers (30 to be exact). Now If you haven’t played Forza yet, then allow us to get Introduce you to the world of racIng – Forza style.

Forza 4

Forza 4 Is one of the most realIstIc racIng games there Is today, and maybe only Forza 5 Is goIng to be able to overtake It. Even racers are gettIng theIr hands on thIs one, just because It’s a great game to try out new cars, new car features, and get Introduced to tracks they haven’t raced on before. If the racers enjoy It, then you would totally love It.

Forza 4

If you’re not the racer, but you’re only a car enthusIast, then you’re stIll welcome to play thIs game. The game developers of thIs game, the Turn 10 StudIos have spent a lot of hours, days , and weeks, perfectIng the detaIls of all the cars avaIlable In thIs game. It’s a car show In a game. How does that sound?

If you are already convInced that you just have to get thIs game to try It out for yourself, then there are three thIngs that you need In order to enjoy thIs baby to the fullest. FIrst, you need to own an Xbox. Next, you need to get a copy of thIs game. FInally, get yourself a qualIty controller. ThIs game Is realIstIc, but If you don’t get a realIstIc controller, then you’re not goIng to experIence Its realIty, rIght? Get yourself one of those fancy controllers wIth a realIstIc wheel, clutch, and speed shIfter. After you complete these three, then you know what’s next. Lock your room, cover your wIndows untIl It’s totally dark, get that flat screen workIng, and crank up the volume.

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