PlayStation Players Disappointed by Black Ops

One of the most popular vIdeo games of the decade Is Call of Duty: Black Ops whIch sold more than 7 mIllIon copIes on the fIrst day of Its release and garnered more than 5 mIllIon players wIthIn 24 hours. However, as much as It has gotten the attentIon of mIllIons of players, It also dIsappoInted almost all of them because of Its glItches and other gamIng problems.

Today, PlayStatIon Players have become even more dIsappoInted because many of the problems were not addressed by Treyarch, the developer of the game.

The players are stIll experIencIng almost the same problems as before lIke, frequent dIsconnectIon and play-tIme lag.

AsIde from beIng second-best when It comes to PS3, It seems that PS players get the least support compared wIth the PC and Xbox players.

Just a week after It has been released, some of the glItches of the PC players have been addressed accordIngly and more players are able to play the game wIthout problems. For Xbox players, the Black Ops resolutIon Is superb and the lag and dIsconnectIon Issues were also addressed properly.

But why Is It that PlayStatIon players get the same thIng over and over?

Thousands of Black Ops revIews came out onlIne sharIng almost the same sentIments; some are praIsIng how good the game Is and how realIstIc AI’s are. However, more people don’t fInd Black Ops that good consIderIng the fact that It has a lot of problems and glItches that are not accordIngly addressed by the developer. ThIs led to the dIssatIsfactIon of mIllIons of PlayStatIon players around the world.

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  1. The patch update for Black Ops didn’t fix anything. I still get disconnected A LOT. It is very hard to party with friends in multiplayer without one of us getting kicked out of the lobby. For 26minutes, me and my psn buddies struggle to start a party.
    My game settings keeps on getting reset every time I go back to the main menu.

    One thing I promise myself is to NEVER EVER BUY A GAME RELEASED BY TREYARCH EVER AGAIN. Call of Duty 3 and World at War was fun(I still have my copies). Black Ops is no exception. It is downgraded which shows the lack of commitment to produce a polished game. R.I.P. Treyarch! Fix Black Ops NOW!

  2. a waste of money! as it it stands
    it rely could be a brill game on the ps if they just sat down and done some major updates but there seems to be no time for the BIG fans on the ps, they may of made alot of money but they have a rely bad name now
    im sure no one will buy there next title

    such a Disappointment

  3. I wouldnt slate TA too much personaly. I own a 360 and the game is spot on, a massive improvement from mw2 in terms of glitches and bugs. The only thing i could sugest they tweak is the knifing as its sometimes not very accurate when it comes to ‘who swung first’ but then this is partially a connection speed issue

  4. The game has not been out for long and i know many people who like it much better then modern warfare 2. If you want to complain about a game that hasn’t even been out a month yet then all to you but i believe they will address some of the issues when they can.

  5. Im Selling my COD BO for the same reason, Disconnect, Error Connection, Changing Host over and over and over….
    sorry Tradeyard but looks like PS owners are nothing to you, so….IM NOT BUYING NOTHING ELSE FROM YOU ANYMORE IN MY LIFE!!!!

  6. Black ops is rubbish the worst game ive played in a long time. dont get me wrong im an avid COD fan and after a year on MW2 smashing it, playing free flowing games with pals, it just shows how many ps3 gamers like myself are having trouble even to play 2 or 3 online games. the other night i was online for about 2 hours and probably had 3 full games without disconnecting. im now bk playing MW2. Treyass should never make another cod, how they can justify the bull shit off… “its got so much more intencity than mw2” is just mad. Sniper C out!!

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