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Gangnam Style Officially The Most Viewed Youtube Video

It’s official folks!  PSY’s Gangnam Style has finally passed Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ in the most viewed Youtube videos list.  PSY’s video currently has 814 million views as of 02:15 EST, growing at least 5 million views per day so the next question is, when will this pop sensation break a billion views?  At the current rate of views we could ...

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Planetside 2 – Free To Play On Steam

Planetside 2 is a free to play, massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS) that can be downloaded via steam. The game itself looks stunning and their trailer demonstrates amazing action, incredible visuals and showcases different weapons and vehicles. It will be no surprise to find out that this game is running on a “freemium” model which simply means you ...

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Black Friday Gaming Deals

Black Friday is finally upon us and many retailers are competing to offer consumers the best deals on popular products. We have compiled a list of the ‘best gaming deals’ for Black Friday 2012. have some incredible deals this Black Friday; They have a dedicated page consisting of ‘Lightning Deals’ which shows consumers the percentage of available stock claimed ...

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L4D2 CCT Custom Campaign Tournament Round-up

Round 4 of the Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaign Tournament was completed last weekend (15th-19th November). This tournament is designed to give players a new challenge by introducing custom campaign maps. Maps that have already been played are Arena of the Dead 2, Haunted Forest, Carried Off and Detour Ahead with Round 5 being played on the custom campaign ...

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After Flesh Eating Attacks Zombie Bullets Get In High Demand

Zombie bullets

The talk about zombIes has greatly Increased and there beIng some kInd of apocalypse related to zombIes that could happen because of people beIng Induced by drugs and havIng flesh eatIng attacks. In the US there are stores sellIng ZombIe bullets and they are made by the Hornady ManufacturIng. On the Hornady websIte they say to prepare yourself for the ...

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