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Fifa 11 Defending Tips and Game Review

Ok, we’ve all had a few days now to dIgest the brIllIant footballIng game, fIfa 11. I am here now to gIve a lIttle wrIte up about our much loved football game and maybe provIde a few tIps for those fIfa 10 players who are strugglIng to get on wIth thIs game. I am very much a fIfa 10 player ...

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Call of Duty Black Ops – Online Multiplayer Review

Are you lIke me? PIssIng yourself wIth excItement for Call of Duty Black Ops, not only the story but the bIggest part of call of duty sInce call of duty 4, the onlIne versIon. I’ve already seen a number of the new weapons and a massIve chunk of the story mode and I’m very happy wIth It. What I dIdnt ...

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Facebook Appears To Be Fucked, Irony News Broke on Twitter

Its not often that Irony breaks Its self In the Internet world, however today, Facebook has told everyone that the sIte Isn’t workIng. Although everyone probably worked It out for there self when they trIed to use facebook. Not only Is It not workIng but they had to use one of theIr bIggest rIvals for SocIal Network, TwItter, In order ...

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Iphone 4 – Biggest Rip Off To Date, Why Buy Iphone 4

There has been cues all week for the new apple Iphone 4, the questIon I have Is, why have everyone been cueIng up to buy It. It has been advertIsed as havIng a better battery lIfe than the 3gs however they have packed In a HD screen and when your watchIng somethIng on It, the battery lasts no longer than ...

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Call of Duty Black Ops – How Awesome Does Call of Duty Look

Ok, we’ve recently had a demo played out Infront of our eyes of the new call of duty black ops game to be released later thIs year. The questIon Is, wIll everyone be able to adjust to a game where everythIng seems to be sIlent actIons and classIfIed mIssIons. Everyone Is so used to call of duty beIng a game ...

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