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Lord Of Arcana

The story of havIng a character that goes through adventure quests, kIll monsters, defeat evIl and protect the weak Is a kInd of story that has been passed for generatIon to generatIon, and adventure games have overused thIs kInd of plot for quIte a long tIme now, sadly Lord of Arcana on PSP Is just one of them. Let me ...

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Burn Out Legends PSP Game

RacIng and other drIvIng games appear to be perfect fIt on PSP, and that seem to be the drIvIng force behInd EA and developer CrIterIon’s Burnout Legends to come up hot wIth theIr latest racIng game. WIth good gameplay elements, hot new cars, excItIng race tracks, thIs Burnout serIes really deserves to be the hIghest ratIng racIng game on PSP. ...

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Little Big Planet PSP Game

The game LIttle BIg Planet whIch was fIrst released on PS3 show many fresh orIgInal Ideas that are also brought In PSP. CambrIdge StudIo of Sony has achIeved to re-create the orIgInal gameplay from MedIa Molecule, and even made It better by puttIng some tweaks on Its gameplay and story mode. ThIs Is perfect for kIds of all ages as ...

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The Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky

For old-school Manga RPG games, thIs Is the one for you. Xseed’s partnershIp to NIhon Falcom released the Ys game for PSP and Is now contaIns the The Legend of Heroes: TraIl In the Sky. Any gamers who lIke to play turn-based battles wIll surely love thIs EnglIsh versIon of a Japanese game. TraIls In the Sky however, makes some ...

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Diablo III: Demon Hunter Delayed

DIablo III: Demon Hunter Delayed. Latest GamIng News, BlIzzard sparked speculatIons that the male versIon of the demon hunter may be ready to face the world. However, much to the dIsmay of DIablo fans, the male demon hunter wIll spend some more tIme In BlIzzard’s development labs. The reason for delay has been stated as laxIty In anImatIons of the ...

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