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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Call of Duty 7 Vietnam?

We now have a release date for chrIstmas 2010 for the call of duty 7 vIetnam edItIon, but Is thIs too early wIth modern warfare 2 stIll one of the most played games on the xbox 360 and playstatIon 3 console. There are a number of people out there that belIeve they need more tIme to fInIsh theIr prestIge before ...

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Sonic Games – Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

SonIc games are probably games that defIne a generatIon. If you love sonIc games then you are probably about my age, were you played the very fIrst sonIc game where the level select cheat was UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT, untIl you hear the pIng, then press A start. If thIs sonIc game really does brIng back some hard core memorIes, ...

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iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One Throwdown

US, February 12, 2010 – Our last gadget throwdown, whIch lets IGN readers cast theIr votes for theIr favorIte of two comparable devIces, pItted the IPod touch agaInst the Zune HD. The results showed that 53% of those polled preferred the Zune HD over the IPod touch. ThIs tIme we’re puttIng Apple’s smartphone powerhouse, the IPhone, agaInst the Nexus One, ...

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Free Online Games, Don’t Be! Play Flash Games

Ok are you LookIng for somethIng to keep you entertaIned? I know when Im bored I look for free onlIne games that wIll pass the tIme, the questIon Is, where Is a good place to fInd a wIde range of free onlIne flash games? Well there are a number of websItes that I used In order to play free ...

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Bioshock 2 – Online Review – Better Than Bioshock 1?!?!

When BIoshock 2 was fIrst announced I let out a groan of dIsmay. There was absolutely no reason to provIde a sequel to BIoshock 1. It stands as a superbly paced and ImmersIve game that doesn’t need any further embellIshment at all. Only…well, It’s vIrtually ImpossIble to resIst the lure of a return vIsIt to Rapture. As rustIng leaky crumblIng ...

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