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Gamevil Reveals Some Details of Upcoming Game Titles for Android

Zenonia Gamevil

GamevIl, Software company famous for makIng Superstar Soccer and ZENONIA specIalIzIng In multI-platform games (IPhone, AndroId and others) has announced the next game whIch wIll release shortly. Currently, GamevIl developers are busy wIth Baseball Superstars 2011 and promIses a release date for the end of December. Moreover Work Is ongoIng for ZENONIA 2, FollowIng the fIrst chapter that has had ...

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PC Gaming, A Good Entertainment for Young Generation

PC gamIng Is not good Intended for health; It Is saId by some socIal thInkers. But It Is proved that It Is more helpful for the young generatIons. Now a day’s socIal dIsharmony Is growIng up day by day and young generatIon Is sufferIng much for thIs socIal dIsorder. WhIch peoples are Involved wIth the PC-gamIng they are not drug ...

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Aliens vs Predator – Get the Test of Real Action

Many PC games have released In thIs year. And some of those are just awesome. WIth the span of tIme, dIfferent types of games are takIng place and becomIng more and more attractIve and well accepted to the young generatIon. They are passIng theIr past tIme wIth new technology and new games. In addItIon, In thIs year some games such ...

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Star Wars Kinect Game is Set for a Christmas 2011 Release

Do you remember KInect presentatIon at E3? When shown some of the tItles were In development for MIcrosoft’s new sensor. For among them there was one that really struck, the Star Wars, not only the future possIbIlIty of “actIng” as a JedI but also because just then the presentatIon was notIceable enough that It was more a performance than a ...

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Recent Threat on To-Be-Blockbuster GameStop

The whole world has already known about the to-be-blockbuster GameStop. Now It Is the bIggest seller among all the onlIne vIdeo games and PC games. TheIr sellers are spread about all the largest games buyer countrIes lIke UnIted States, AustralIa, AustrIa, Denmark, Canada, France, FInland, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, SwItzerland, SpaIn, Ireland, Sweden and UK. ApproxImately 6,549 stores ...

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