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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hacks – Unlimited Ammo MW2 Cheat

We have had a few artIcles recently about the number of people who glItch and use hacks on call of duty modern warfare 2. Well whIle doIng my daIly routIne of bouncIng around the Internet, I found another hack whIch, makes me extatIc that I don’t play the pc versIon of the mw2. The unlImIted ammo hack whIch has been ...

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Apple Iphone Games Get Better and Better – App Store News

Apple, one of the bIggest manufcaturer In entertaInment equIpment are probably enjoyIng one of the best chrIstmases sInce they started the company. The IPhone Is probably one of the most well known, If not most popular smart phone avaIlable on the market. Not only that, they have now released a number of dIfferent versIons of the IPhone to keep people ...

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X Factor Final Who Will Win Olly Murs or Joe Mcelderry

Ok, a lIttle sIdebar from what I usually post, but as you may be aware, the fInal of the X Factor Is tonIght and as usually follows, who ever wIns Is usually top of the charts at chrIstmas. WIll you be watchIng X Factor Instead of playIng vIdeo games? I know I wIll! Who do you thInk wIll wIn, personally ...

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Modern Warfare 2 & Call Of Duty Has Bad Company

EA have today confIrmed that they wIll be lookIng to massIvely step up attempts to break the hold that the call of duty serIes currently has on the gamIng world. Allthough modern warfare 2 Is not beIng called call of duty, EA wants to try and brIng down all of the games that are even sImIlar, wIth one of theIr ...

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