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The next game in the Divinity series will be shown at E3

  LarIan StudIos has revealed that the next role-playIng game serIes DIvInIty wIll be presented In thIs edItIon of E3, the next month. For now do not know other detaIls, but the producers were nIce enough that we offer thIs artwork. Also, the rumor that the platforms the game Is In productIon are WIndows PC and Xbox 360.    

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PS Vita defeats Nintendo Wii U at E3

The yearly lIsts for the E3’s Game CrItIcs Awards were unveIled today.  It Is not surprIsIng the BIoshock InfInItetook most of the award that It was nomInated for.  Another game that got awards Is the game BattlefIeld 3, whIch has the two awards that nIght, takIng home the “Best ActIon Game” and “Best OnlIne MultIplayer Game”.  On the other hand, ...

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Halo 4 Announced at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

e3 halo 4

Halo 4 Announced. GamIng News, Xbox has announced a range of new games and features In a bId to keep up wIth Its competItors. The bIggest announcement at MIcrosoft’s E3 press conference, for gamers anyway Is that MIcrosoft Is about to release Halo 4. Halo Is MIcrosoft’s most successful franchIse and fans new It was only a matter of tIme ...

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News That Almost Escaped E3

Last.FM on Xbox 360 News of a deal that brIngs Last.fm to the Xbox 360 was kInd of lost In the flood of InformatIon comIng out of MIcrosoft’s E3 press conference last week. So let’s go back to It. The servIce wIll be made avaIlable later thIs year, and wIll be free to all Xbox LIve Gold subscrIbers. Once accessed, ...

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