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Call of Duty Black Ops – Online Multiplayer Review

Are you lIke me? PIssIng yourself wIth excItement for Call of Duty Black Ops, not only the story but the bIggest part of call of duty sInce call of duty 4, the onlIne versIon. I’ve already seen a number of the new weapons and a massIve chunk of the story mode and I’m very happy wIth It. What I dIdnt ...

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Red Dead Redemption – Review and Roundup PS3 Red Dead Release

Red Dead redemptIon Is due to be released In a matter of hours and everyone seems to be lookIng forward to the game. Its one of the bIggest game launches of 2010 for the sony playstatIon 3 and I am here to gIve you a lIttle revIew and some leaked pIctures from the Internet of red dead redemptIon. Players have ...

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Bioshock 2 – Online Review – Better Than Bioshock 1?!?!

When BIoshock 2 was fIrst announced I let out a groan of dIsmay. There was absolutely no reason to provIde a sequel to BIoshock 1. It stands as a superbly paced and ImmersIve game that doesn’t need any further embellIshment at all. Only…well, It’s vIrtually ImpossIble to resIst the lure of a return vIsIt to Rapture. As rustIng leaky crumblIng ...

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