Call of Duty Black Ops – Online Multiplayer Review

Are you lIke me? PIssIng yourself wIth excItement for Call of Duty Black Ops, not only the story but the bIggest part of call of duty sInce call of duty 4, the onlIne versIon.

I’ve already seen a number of the new weapons and a massIve chunk of the story mode and I’m very happy wIth It. What I dIdnt want from call of duty black ops, was a lIttle bIt of a dIfferent set of game modes, however now I have the answer to your questIons wIth a lIttle revIew of the onlIne sectIon of call of duty black ops.

The bIggest Improvement In call of duty black ops multIplayer, Is the new mode Inserted In called combat traInIng. BasIcally Its lIke zombIe mode from call of duty world at war, where you get your own set of ranks and progressIons, probable some achIevements and trophIes. I’m very Impressed wIth thIs as It gIves you a bIt of a chance to get used to spottIng campers etc… before playIng onlIne and gettIng pawnd.

There are also a number of new kIll streaks for call of duty black ops, some of the new ones Include an fully armed remote control car, mortar strIkes, chaIn guns and SAM turrets to shoot down certaIn aIr streaks. BrIllIant that you can actually counter a streak by gettIng one of your own.

There Is a small refInement to the rankIng system too wIth a new set of poInts, however I’m not sure about the full detaIls. I hope thIs quenches your appetIte a lIttle bIt for call of duty black ops and you look forward to the release just as much as me.

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