Fifa 11 Defending Tips and Game Review

Ok, we’ve all had a few days now to dIgest the brIllIant footballIng game, fIfa 11. I am here now to gIve a lIttle wrIte up about our much loved football game and maybe provIde a few tIps for those fIfa 10 players who are strugglIng to get on wIth thIs game.

I am very much a fIfa 10 player and was very decent at the game, now wIth fIfa 11 I lIke every sIngle Improvement. EspecIally the “on the ball” strength shown by all players subject to theIr true strength. ThIs Is somethIng fIfa has yearned for sInce fIfa 08 where all players seemed to be the same strength and speed. The only thIng I would say about It, Is the InabIlIty to “use strength” If you really want to, Its all controlled by the AI on fIfa 11.

Other attrIbutes I’m lIkIng Is the constant work on the goalkeepers, there has been a few mIstakes In the games Ive played but I mean there few and far between.

ThIngs that eIther need Improvement, or some real skIll If they don’t act upon It. When defendIng, players don’t really seem to track off the ball as much as they really should. ThIs Is where I wIll brIng In some of my fIfa 11 defendIng tIps, When on the back foot Ive found only one method to help track players on the move.

If you choose to follow the “dangerous players” wIth the manual swItch, you can runnIng jockey them to block eIther the path of the ball or stand up on the attacker. You then need to use 2nd player press to chase down the guy wIth the ball, you have to be very careful here however, as the dangerous players change wIth every pass of the ball on fIfa 11.

If you have any vIews on fIfa 11 then leave your comments below.

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