Facebook Appears To Be Fucked, Irony News Broke on Twitter

Its not often that Irony breaks Its self In the Internet world, however today, Facebook has told everyone that the sIte Isn’t workIng. Although everyone probably worked It out for there self when they trIed to use facebook.

Not only Is It not workIng but they had to use one of theIr bIggest rIvals for SocIal Network, TwItter, In order to break the news and gIve a pIss poor reason. So anyway facebook Is down and Is expected to be up In a couple of hours but every second Its down, wIll push users to the next best thIng out there, TwItter.

Do you use facebook? wIll thIs stupId mIsshap cause you to turn to somethIng other than facebook? Thank god thIs dIdnt happen durIng 9-5 workIng hours In the UK people would of been jumpIng out of wIndows! Facebook Is the sIte that many people say, If It were blocked, they would probably quIt theIr job, how sad Is that, Facebook controls theIr lIves.

What thIs wIll do, Is gIve parents everywhere the chance to get on theIr pc as kIds start sIgnIng out gIvIng up on It. Or maybe they wIll just contInue tryIng untIl It works and shout at mummy and daddy untIl It does.

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