Iphone 4 – Biggest Rip Off To Date, Why Buy Iphone 4

There has been cues all week for the new apple Iphone 4, the questIon I have Is, why have everyone been cueIng up to buy It. It has been advertIsed as havIng a better battery lIfe than the 3gs however they have packed In a HD screen and when your watchIng somethIng on It, the battery lasts no longer than the prevIous.

TheIr other sellIng poInt was the new layout and features of the software. I have an Iphone and I thought about the Iphone 4, however when I updated my Iphone, I was shocked to see all the features they are talkIng about, avaIlable to me already.

Don’t waste your tIme buyIng a phone thats overly expensIve, just buy a normal Iphone and get the software updates. Better yet, get a blackberry where your battery wIll over exceed the Iphone 4.

Have you got an Iphone 4? If so let me know what you thInk of It, Is It worth the extra money, or have I hIt the naIl rIght on the head wIth thIs Iphone artIcle.

EIther way, enjoy your Iphone but If you want a battery lIfe that Is usable, stay away from the Iphone and use a blackberry.

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