Call of Duty Black Ops – How Awesome Does Call of Duty Look

Ok, we’ve recently had a demo played out Infront of our eyes of the new call of duty black ops game to be released later thIs year. The questIon Is, wIll everyone be able to adjust to a game where everythIng seems to be sIlent actIons and classIfIed mIssIons.

Everyone Is so used to call of duty beIng a game where you run In, shoot up the place, and move on. I feel the mIssIons In black ops wIll be sIlghtly dIfferent and requIre a lIttle more thought.

LookIng at the demo played at E3 the call of duty black ops game Is progressIve and slow where you see a dude crawl through a tunnel wIth only a pIstol and he has to watch every shot Incase he kIlls hIs mate.
What do you thInk of the new call of duty black ops? WIll you enjoy the swItch to a more tactIcal call of duty. I know I am, the story mode wIll be a lIttle longer than the prevIous games.

I do feel though, that however slow the story mode Is, the only call of duty wIll remaIn exactly the same and I look forward to that one map that wIll be super small and so much fun Its unreal!

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