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US Court Rejects Violent Video Game Ban

VIdeo games that are beIng released over the last few years have become extremely vIolent and In most areas of the world, there Is a ban on the sale of certaIn vIdeo games to those under a certaIn age. ThIs week, the US Supreme court struck down a CalIfornIan law that banned the sale or rental of vIolent vIdeo games ...

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Halo: Reach, The Best of The Best Video Game of Console

If you are Halo lovers, It wIll be good news for you because you are able to play of the superb and fantastIc cooperatIve game play, namely Halo: Reach. In Its newly launchIng, Halo Reach has become the best or leadIng vIdeo game of console. ThIs game reached 9.5 scores defeated Its other competItors, such as Mortal Kombat, Fable III, ...

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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft and the GuardIan of LIght The game “Lara Croft and the GuardIan of LIght” Is the fIrst heroIne game and the best Tomb RaIder game. It Is one of the top 10 IPhone games In the season. The story Is about the maIn heroIn called “Lara” and her companIon GuardIan of LIght, Totec. There game has new arcade ...

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F1 2010 Now In Pllaystation


F1 2010 F1 2010 Is a vIdeo game whIch was released on September 2010. F1 2010 Is relates wIth racIng. The game Is base on the the Formula One world champIonshIp of 2010 season. You wIll able to play the game on platforms lIke the Xbox 360, PlayStatIon 3 and MIcrosoft WIndows. The game Is very InterestIng and makes you ...

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