Modern Warfare 2 & Call Of Duty Has Bad Company

EA have today confIrmed that they wIll be lookIng to massIvely step up attempts to break the hold that the call of duty serIes currently has on the gamIng world.

Allthough modern warfare 2 Is not beIng called call of duty, EA wants to try and brIng down all of the games that are even sImIlar, wIth one of theIr own fIrst persn shooters. Are they just lookIng to cash In on the massIve amount of sales that Modern Warfare 2 has had sInce Its release?

The game they hope wIll kIll of modern warfare 2 Is Bad Company 2. Does thIs sound famIlar? It should do, electronIc arts ran a huge advertIsIng campaIgn to help bolster sales when the fIrst game was realesed, BF Bad Comany.

SpeakIng at the UBS 37th Annual Global MedIa Conference, the CEO at ElectronIc arts had thIs to say

“Call of Duty, a tItle I’m very much targetIng at takIng back, started as mIllIon unIt franchIse, and It buIlt to beIng more than 10 mIllIon,” RIccItIello saId. “But often, In a category as competItIve as thIs, a tItle can get tIred.”

“I thInk were at that poInt. And I thInk [Bad Company 2] represents our best opportunIty of takIng the fIrst-person shooter busIness back from ActIvIsIon.”

Not only does he belIeve EA can conquer the FPS market, he aslo then started to knock the most successful fIrst person shooter ever In Modern Warfare 2.

“I thInk It does onlIne better, It’s got destructIble envIronments, and drIveable vehIcles, whIch makes It much more InterestIng from an open-world perspectIve,”

I dont quIte understand how anyone can have the cheek to call modern warfare 2 for Its onlIne playabIlIty. I thInk Its the outrIght sImpleness of the modern warfare 2 onlIne that makes It so successful. We don’t want to drIve or blow up walls In our way, we want to shoot the other person, If were not doIng that were not happy. DIscuss below If you feel EA should contInue wIth makIng successful sports games.

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  1. if EA get BFBC2 even nearly right then it will totally crush the PC version of MW2 , P2P multiplayer is a kick in the face of PC gamers that made IW what it is today, The PS3 beta and multiplayer videos of BC2 already show it to be vastly superior to MW2, IW know they will lose the PC gamers to EA but they dont care because there are plenty more Console cash cows to milk out there, Not long to wait till we can say F U I W and shove your p2p, The call of duty series has become a noob orientated joke since W@W.

  2. Dude really?? MW2 is all good and that and believe me i’m as addicted as the next guy. But before Mw2 there was GTA4 and that was the highest selling game on any console and only MW2 has beaten that record. And if you get online GTA today you will see that the vehicles are what keeps people coming back to the online. And i believe as long as EA keeps adding exciting new vehicles like the ATV and the new UAV Drone this online will be totally sick. Also now that MW2 is out all my mates are all ears to anything coming out of EA so bring on the competition coz they have already got the HYPE.

  3. I have the BC2 beta, Only one map, but still better than MW2.

  4. How typical of EA. It is impossible to outsell or beat CALL OF DUTY: Modern warfare 2. The name was dropped in like january 09 and they put it back. if you have any sense of dignity, you would look on the cover and it says, call of duty. And for all you jew pc gamers, i pay $4 a month for xbox live and i dont care. i get a nice experience everyday. If you cant pay $0.10 a month, then you seriously should buy a ps3 if you want it free. The pc version should not be superior in any way. no films, no map editor, and NO MODS. Thats all pc gamers want to do is mod. Little noobs. Back to the article, on the release of bfbc2 im going to check my friends list, if 30 friends are on, 20 WILL be playing modern warfare, 1, maybe 2 will be playing shit company 2. EA is a filure at everything exept the console sims 2. PC games are pointless cuz u have to spend $98,567,967,869 on hardware, your all idiots and im not an iw fanboy fyi call of duty classic, and 2 suck. 4 and mw2 rule. Do urself a favor, buy an xbox, actually buy the special edition Modern warfare 2 xbox. Dumb jew.

  5. Have you actually played MW2 online? Its the worst in the serioes for multiplayer. Sh*t connections, log hosts, constant host migration, worst hit registry I’ve ever seen in a FPS and don’t get me started on the PC version. Quit being a fanboy.

  6. To be honest ,i’m looking forward to this one for pc,but more so medal of honour coming out in fall 2010,less heavies more infantry feel.
    by the way ZGigagey xbox (i own an elite )is a dumbed down pc 4 generations behind what is currently available,if your parents upped your pocket money you should buyone,or maybe ungrade your mums one you wrote your comments on.

    pc is the ideal format for fps,and half of whats in mw2 is thanks to the modders.

    To be honest you sir will regret your stand when you can finally afford a desent system and none of the games measure up.
    Especially MW2 which if you read there forums wasn’t ready for release did an in house betta,more patchs already than cod4 and more to come and dispite sales missed out on GOTY because it failed to actually listen to what us there customers want so yeah EA bring on BAd Company,MOH and i will happily never spend another cent with the console hussies that are Infamy Wad.

  7. I am 19 and have been in front of a console since I was strong enough to hold the controller. I can say that I have never played a game for the number of days as I have played both COD4 and 6.

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