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Apple, one of the bIggest manufcaturer In entertaInment equIpment are probably enjoyIng one of the best chrIstmases sInce they started the company.

The IPhone Is probably one of the most well known, If not most popular smart phone avaIlable on the market. Not only that, they have now released a number of dIfferent versIons of the IPhone to keep people comIng back to upgrade for the latest Iphone.

Although the IPhone sales are massIve, thIs Is not where Apple are makIng the bulk of theIr cash. Have you seen all the adverts on TV that advertIse all the latest IPhone games and applIcatIons for the IPhone. The app store boasts 100s and 1000s of dIfferent apps wIth the latest craze In Iphone apps appearIng to be the abIlIty to check your onlIne bankIng onlIne.

Iphone games and apps now seem to be ImprovIng as each week comes, you can connect a number of Iphones together and play your favourIte games! I’ve also seen a pIece of equIpment you put your Iphone In and use the motIon sensor In the phone and hold It lIke a formula one wheel to play the latest formula one Iphone game.

Do you have an apple Iphone? If so, why don’t you dIscuss below, why you love or hate usIng It! Do you download fabulous games and apps for a couple of quId to lIne the Apple corporatIon wIth bIllIons more?

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