Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hacks – Unlimited Ammo MW2 Cheat

We have had a few artIcles recently about the number of people who glItch and use hacks on call of duty modern warfare 2. Well whIle doIng my daIly routIne of bouncIng around the Internet, I found another hack whIch, makes me extatIc that I don’t play the pc versIon of the mw2.
The unlImIted ammo hack whIch has been makIng some massIve headway on socIal network sItes such as twItter and dIgg wIll keep up all talkIng for a very long tIme. There Is a vIdeo attached below, rIght now you are probably all thInkIng, so what, unlImIted ammo In modern warfare 2 probably Isnt that bIg of a deal?

Well thIs Isn’t just unlImIted ammo aswhere you would have to reload! Your bullets don’t actually decrease, so basIcally It Is just constant fIre. I would probably fInd myself smashIng the call of duty modern warfare 2 dIsc so that I never meet thIs match, should It be used on any of the consoles.
If you see the guys kIll sprees, he takes spawn campIng In modern warfare 2 onto a whole new level. If I ever meet a hacker face to face, I would probably have a nIce conversatIon wIth hIm for a good 40 mInutes and then decIde to hIt hIm over and over agaIn wIth my keyboard, mac, xbox controller and ps3 controller. Just so that I can share wIth hIm all the frustratIons that hackers pose to us gamers every day on modern warfare 2.

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  1. Yeah those hackers need to get a life

  2. Sadly, In the worst MW2 game i have played this hack was used constantly. On the xbox :\

    It was just spaming of Nades+ Noob tubes.
    Oh wellz. Back to private games it seems.

  3. It’s not just pc it’s xbox 360 as well

  4. i totaly 100% agree with you although hackers can be annoying very annoying its still a fun game there arent alot of them so dont worry guys youll be fine you little noobs

  5. yoyo po a 40 n check ur rolly


  6. thats fucking gay as fuck you need your pickle smashed with hammer

  7. i can to this for the ps3?

  8. omg i dont know what all you people are talking about i got 3 nukes in one day because of this and when i play normal matches i dont have as much fun even if i keep dying in an unlimited ammo match i still think its fun to play and funny to watch

  9. Wow. I don’t understand why people can’t just play the game and have fun instead of hacking and ruining it for everyone else?

  10. how can i do this hack???

  11. i love this g@Y a s s game it rock

  12. ilove this game like my mommy

  13. I hate this glitches fuck your all . Iwant a good game without glitches but there is allways a asshole who found them soo fuck it all

  14. There really isnt anything to fear about this glitch. Whenever you get redirected to Rust, just exit, and click find game again. Also, this redirecting thing has never happened to me when i play hardcore team deathmatch. Maybe you noblets should try playing with no hud for a while until the new patch comes out.

  15. I once joined a game already in progress in Rundown. There were these two guys shooting the grenade launcher with no reloading, and i got confused.
    You know what i did: I left and joined another game. Its just that simple.


  17. y does people have to do this gay shit and fuck things up for everyone

  18. hacker are just so Fuking stupid they suck at playing game so noob so that y they have to hack every thing stupid fuck

  19. only pussys hack because they cant cannot ‘lay properly incase they lose LOL ADD ArronB PS3 NO HACKES ALLOWED PUSSYS LOL

  20. all you hackers will die you stupid fuckin naggers

  21. you guys are all whiney fags.

  22. you guys are all some serious fags.

  23. XxInFeCtioNzxX this guys account needs Hacking,just for fun and btw its a cheat not a HacK NoooooooooooooooooooB p-so-SHyT

    /account deleted

  24. Im new to cod and its fantastic, i use a ps3 and as yet not seen any cheats going on, however i do feel that these cheaters are ruining proper game play for everyone else, we are the real gamers, they are the cheats, the bad LOOSERS of this world, get a life.

  25. Loool where can i get the hack i want it. I have want the cheat… Please say

  26. yknow when people go this far with a hack its just a proof of concept… they’re just showing it can be done. it’s when people get subtle about their advantages it gets bad. i mean if i join a game like this i’d laugh for a while. then i’d join another game.

  27. I dont get what the beef is with hackers? its just a game I couldnt care less if some sapper wants to cheat I also dont care if because of it I get killed repeatedly its just a game and still a good one.

  28. how do u do that

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