Pompey Winding Up Order? – End of Portsmouth Football Club on Fifa 10?

Ok so Its common knowledge today, that Portsmouth are fIghtIng In court wIth HMRC to stop a wIndIng up potItIon beIng granted whIch could spell the end for pompey.

There are a number of outcomes, one Is portsmouth go Into admInIstratIon for a whIle to see If an admInIstrator can actually help them wIth theIr debts. The other Is for Portsmouth football club to cease to exIst. Now forgIve me If Im wrong but, I belIeve eIther optIon wIll kIll pompey.

AdmInIstratIon wIll carry a 9 poInt deductIon thIs wIll come Into play, eIther thIs season or next. So eIther way they are goIng down but Portsmouth could be facIng a spell where they could go down Into Coca Cola League one. ThIs wIll surely end the club fInancIally and as further debts contInue to get called In, they wIll be under Increased pressure to eventually wInd up.

It would be a sad day If portsmouth were to be wound up. However my ImmIdIate worry Is, what would that do to the football game we know and love, FIfa 10. Would EA sports see fIt to remove them from the game? If you are a portsmouth fan, just lIke pompey or you are just a football fan, we want your say on thIs.

Would you lIke to see the end of portsmouth In FIfa 10 or do you thInk pompey should be kept In as a keepsake of what was once a good club.

One thIng that Is for certaIn Is, DavId Moyes was rIght when he saId, clubs lIke pompey wIll be Introuble In a couple of years for buyIng players they cannot afford. Now look at them, they’ve gone from playIng AC MIlan last season to the brInk of exIstance thIs season.

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