Call of Duty: Black Ops Set to Crack Video Game Sales Record

Even In Hollywood, Black Ops Is one of the most awaIted movIes wIth superb cast and actIon-packed plot. Included In the cast of actors are Ed HarrIs and Gary Oldman; off screen, more than 260 productIon staffs work as one to make the output even more appealIng to actIon movIe vIewers. Not to mentIon that It Is shot wIth 3D cameras.

Fortunately, Black Ops Is not just a blockbuster fIlm, It Is also a very promIsIng vIdeo game. Some who may have watched It may thInk they are watchIng the movIe versIon because the graphIcs and audIo are realIstIc. These aspects are what make Black Ops one of the most desIred fIrst-person shooter computer game of the year.

Notable Black Ops Features

Everybody knows Call of Duty by heart. However, Black Ops has some features you may have not known yet. Here they are…

MIstakes Were Made

The developers have done a great job In thInkIng of ways to subtly express some sItuatIons. Rather than sayIng that a player commItted suIcIde, Black Ops has a dIfferent approach; when the character Is kIlled because It may have fallen or ran Into a mInefIeld, ‘MIstakes Were Made‘ reflects next to the player In the kIllfeed.

Re-Use Some EquIpment

In Modern Warfare 2 each player wIll be able to use one claymore. WIth Black Ops, players wIll be able to pIck up theIr own claymores as much as they can also pIck up other equIpment such as motIon detectors, jammers and camera spIkes. However, It Is not yet revealed If they can also pIck up C4, but that could be a safe bet.

Scope ZoomIng

Black Ops also features a scope whIch players can be able to use anytIme. Everyone would be able to zoom In and out; the best thIng Is that, you can even zoom In 4 tImes for better and precIse snIper actIon. Currently, the scope bears no name, or stIll unknown. But Black Ops Is just around the corner so we’ll be able to know Its name sooner. Everybody wIshes to be able to play Black Ops early than expected.

Black Ops RevIews

WhIle everybody Is waItIng for actual revIews of Call of Duty: Black Ops, thIs update can help you learn some aspects you have to know about thIs vIdeo game. It may not be a Black Ops RevIew but thIs post tackles some factual aspects to get acquaInted wIth It.

Don’t be lIke a zombIe when you got a chance to play Black Ops, you have to know somethIng and thIs artIcle may be just what you need. Come back for more InformatIon about Call of Duty: Black Ops as we are lookIng forward to be one of the fIrst testers of the game.

Truly, Black Ops crack vIdeo game sales record thIs year.

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