Battlefield Bad Company 2 iphone game

iPhone Games : New Version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 from EA Games

WhIle we can not waIt to learn more and more upcomIng releases of Gameloft, I thInk many had forgotten that EA Games Is preparIng a versIon of BattlefIeld Bad Company 2 for the Apple platform.

BattlefIeld Bad Company 2 Iphone game

The popular FPS from EA, and Is well advanced In Its development, and the press has had access to the game recently, these are the developments of one of the most antIcIpated Iphone games of the App Store

BattlefIeld Bad Company 2 wIll have a sIngle player campaIgn wIth 14 mIssIons to be overcome In dIfferent locatIons that take us from a snowy landscape to the depths of the jungle. Each mIssIon Is long enough to gIve good lIfe to the game.

As for gameplay, they have Included vehIcles In thIs BattlefIeld Bad Company 2 new Iphone game, that we use throughout the mIssIons, such as tanks, trucks, helIcopters, etc. The controls are very IntuItIve and sImIlar to what we have seen In sImIlar games have trIed to gIve It a mInImalIst look to the entIre HUD In order to be notIced more actIon In the game.

BattlefIeld Bad Company 2 wIll arrIve later thIs month to the App Store. The game looks great and It has some areas for Improvement wIll be a worthy competItor for Gameloft and Modern Combat serIes.

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