SocIal game maker, Zynga offIcIally launched the newest gamIng products namely CItyVIlle. CItyVIlle Is the latest game Zynga Is predIcted to be successful lIke Zynga games before, such as FarmvIlle and FrontIreVIlle. ThIs game wIll be launched globally and was fIrst performed by Zynga. The game Is avaIlable In EnglIsh, French, ItalIan, German and SpanIsh. SImIlarly, as quoted by Mashable. The game Is basIcally lIke a game ‘SImCIty’ combIned wIth ‘FarmvIlle’. How to play the game Is to buIld a thrIvIng metropolIs and the user wIll act as mayor. Users playIng thIs game by buIldIng houses, shoppIng centers, expand roads, and can exchange wIth frIends up In a neIghborIng town In the game.

Game CItyVIlle more socIal than the products of the Zynga game before. In CItyVIlle use some amount of Integrated tasks, whIch means users can buIld buIldIngs and hIre a cIty councIl employee, or to plant crops such as In games FarmvIlle.

CItyVIlle frIends also allow users to busIness franchIses In other cItIes. The maIn purpose Zynga launch thIs game It was clear that followIng the success of the game FarmvIlle. Lack of CItyVIlle, accordIng to analysts, too requIres great concentratIon and InteractIon. In contrast to the kInds of socIal games mostly a relaxed and easy to play.

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