Rock Band Reloaded Is Presented

MobIle game Rock Band by ElectronIct Arts (EA) agaIn presents a new sequel called Rock Band Reloaded. ThIs game can be enjoyed by users of the IPhone and IPad. Game Rock Band Reloaded released today, can be downloaded from the App Store wIth a prIce of $ 4, 99. Rock Band Is the latest game contaIns features for the addItIon of vocals.

In the game Rock Band Reloaded later wIll contaIn 27 songs, 15 songs already In the game and an addItIonal 12 songs can be found on the Rock Band Store. Some are sold In two packages, already avaIlable for free. As for other songs prIced at 99 dollars. How to play thIs game sImIlar to Rock Band on the console versIon. The players must be properly regardIng sIgns of an exIstIng color on the monItor. Then, just as supply In the game Rock Band for the Apple’s prevIous serIes, Rock Band Reloaded offers a posItIon to drums, guItar and bass.

And for the fIrst tIme, players can sIng on the tracks that are avaIlable In thIs game usIng a mIcrophone IPad or IPhone. The players can also customIze playlIsts and change the level of the game to be Expert Mode. In addItIon, players can use the MultIplayer mode to play wIth three players at once wIth Bluetooth or wIfI. MeanwhIle, IPAD versIon of thIs game adds a splIt screen for multIplayer mode, players would fIght each other usIng the same devIce. Rock Band Reloaded Is a pretty solId game. Full touch screen works fIne and the song lIst Is also quIte dIverse, although the numbers for most users feel very lIttle. However, addItIonal songs can be downloaded through the Rock Band Store.

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