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Call of Duty Black Ops World Premier Video Available Now

Ok, we have all been excIted for the new serIes of call of duty from the moment It was announced. Its got me back Into call of duty modern warfare just thInkIng about playIng the call of duty black ops. We’ve heard all storIes about what It wIll Include, the storIes It may portray but what no one has seen ...

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Youtube, Visitors Overexceed Expectations, Do You Youtube?

Youtube have today made an announcement that dIdn’t shock anyone to be honest. They belIeve they have a websIte that gets so many hIts Its probably one of the top 3 most popular websItes on the Internet. SInce Google paId $3bn a few years ago, the sIte has done nothIng but gone from strength to strength. Although they dId break ...

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Red Dead Redemption – Review and Roundup PS3 Red Dead Release

Red Dead redemptIon Is due to be released In a matter of hours and everyone seems to be lookIng forward to the game. Its one of the bIggest game launches of 2010 for the sony playstatIon 3 and I am here to gIve you a lIttle revIew and some leaked pIctures from the Internet of red dead redemptIon. Players have ...

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Call of Duty Being Released As Mega Box Set

ActIvIsIon Is settIng up to release another bout of call of duty thIs summer, however It looks lIke It wIll only be for the xbox 360 and not the playstatIon 3. ThIs pack won’t Include call of duty modern warfare or modern warfare 2 however. Do you really want to know what It wIll Include? Or have you had enough ...

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