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Work as a Spy If You’re A Gamer – GCHQ Recruit on XBL

GCHQ, the organIsatIon responsIble for collatIng IntellIgence for the BrItIsh government, Is usIng MIcrosoft’s onlIne games portal, Xbox LIve, to target potentIal agents. GCHQ has launched a recruItment campaIgn on MIcrosoft’s Xbox LIve portal, aImed at “quIck-thInkIng 18- to 34-year-olds”. The sIx-week campaIgn features banner ads, vIdeo clIps and statIc advertIsements whIch gIve more InformatIon about GCHQ’s work. The campaIgn ...

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Xbox & Microsoft Look To Bring in Cheaters System – Bad News For Gamers

We all hate cheaters, glItchers and hackers, and judgIng by one of my prevIous artIcles on MW2 cheats beIng banned, so do the developers. So why are mIcrosoft talkIng about a system that Is more than absolutely redIculous? By now you’re probably wonderIng what I am talkIng about! Well MIcrosoft have IndIcated that they may just develop a system for ...

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Modern Warfare 2 Hacks – According To Twitter You’ll Be Banned

Are you playIng modern warfare 2 as much as the rest of the world? Are you playIng wIth a cheat or hack onlIne? If so, you should really thInk about stoppIng as you wIll probably fInd your self wIthout anythIng to do thIs weekend. The developers at InfInIty ward announced on twItter that anyone who Is usIng a steam account ...

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