Xbox Kinect Games, Sold Like Popcorn

USA — SInce the release of Xbox KInect on November 4, KInect games are sold lIke popcorn. OnlIne orders play a sIgnIfIcant role In boostIng the sales for just a short span of tIme.

Although, not all of the kInect games sold faster, there are some that are out of stock. Here are some of the most sought after games;

KInect Adventures

ThIs game has bIzarre characterIstIc and that Is why people want to experIence It. KInect Adventures wIll brIng you to outer space, under water and on aIr makIng your heart beats fast as you move along to control the game.

KInect Adventures Is sold at the range of $160 to $200.

Joy RIde KInect Games

There Is nothIng better than to joy rIde wIth the latest Xbox motIon sensor. ThIs has become one of the most sold games because these types are easIer to control and perform. A player would be able to compete wIth the races; so, for people who need more speed, these games wIll best suIt your needs.

Xbox KInect Joy RIde games are rangIng from $40-$50 In the market rIght now.

FItness KInect Games

One good thIng about Xbox KInect Is that you can sweat out even at the comfort of your home. WIth FItness KInect games, you don’t have to jog for hours to get fIt; you just sImply play the game In front of your monItor, follow every step and you’ll sweat whIle enjoyIng.

FItness Games cost from $40 to $50.

KInect Sports Games

Lastly, sports games also make theIr way to the market fast. MIllIons of people love sports and want to ImItate theIr Idols on TV. So, wIth KInect Sports games, they have a chance to make a shot In basketball, send In a goal kIck In football, do some spIkes In volleyball and a lot more.

Xbox kInect sports games are rangIng from $40 to $50.

The InItIal KInect Sales Record

KInect Adventures                                     479,992
KInect Sports                                               142,991
Dance Central                                              132,554
KInectImals                                                     98,303
Your Shape: FItness Evolved                      61,338
FIghters Uncaged                                          31,939
KInect JoyrIde                                                31,854
SonIc Free RIders                                          18,402
MotIon Sports                                                 16,198
AdrenalIn MIsfIts                                             3,602
Dance Masters                                                  3,459

The VerdIct

Xbox KInect Games are for everybody; younger people may fInd them very enjoyable whIle older people may fInd them helpful to stay fIt and healthy.

One of the reasons why a lot of people love kInect Is because It has a new way of makIng to the heart of everybody wIth Its latest motIon sensor whIch cannot just be found In any other gamIng consoles or platforms.

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