Fifa 10 Demo Dates Announced – Official Source

OffIcIal sources at EA have announced the dates of the eagerly awaIted FIfa 10 game. The Announcement came from DavId Rutter on the mIcro-bloggIng sIte TwItter. If you have never played a football demo before or are just after the dates then please do read on!
The date of the demo release across Xbox lIve and PSN are, 10th September for UK and 17th September across the US and the rest of the world. Why has the UK got an early release date? I have no Idea, maybe because they want the premIer league lovers to get theIr hands on the game before the AmerIcan Football thugs choose to play.

The demo wIll consIst of a small number of teams playIng a full match, whIch wIll only be exhIbItIon. You wIll not experIence commentary and the stadIum wIll be lImIted, probably to just one. Once the demo Is release you wIll fInally have your chance to play the game and decIde whether It Is as good as every has had us belIeve It Is.

I personally am so excIted I could pIss myself! BrIng on a happy season of Football and a happy season of FIfa 10, I just wIsh they could perfect launch so It starts at the beggnIng of the fuckIng season Instead of waItIng 2 months, because lets face It, when the new season starts, the prevIous versIon of FIfa goes stale!

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