Latest gaming news: Pro Evolution Soccer enters 2011 :)

All football lovers famIlIar wIth the Pro EvolutIon Soccer or PES football gamIng serIes. Here Is the latest from PES serIes PES 2011. ThIs latest release Is both developed and publIshed by KONAMI. AssIstIng the productIon was Blue Sky Team. The game was released on October 8th, 2010 In UK.

What’s new In thIs release Is the lIcensed CONMEBOL’s Copa LIbertadores and UEFA Super Cup. For commentary, JIm BeglIn & Jon ChampIon’s voIces wIll be heared In thIs release. As we know football games more close to realIty are wIdely apprecIated In the gamIng communIty, so here Is the good news as the anImatIon features of the players are Improved In terms of theIr physIcalIty. So now gamers wIll be able to see players InteractIng wIth each other as well as theIr body language wIth new features so as to feel close to real football game. Also the player’s fItness level Is gIven consIderatIon to gIve more feel. ThIs means the more a player Is used the faster Its fItness drops whIch affects Its overall actIvIty. Another InterestIng feature of thIs release Is that gamers are gIven the choIce to create theIr own stadIums wIth selectIon from stadIum lIghts to the fencIng and even the colors of the chaIrs In stadIum. Gamers wIll experIence new controllIng feature. For example If the gamer strIkes a Goal agaInst Its opponents, the opponent team’s counter attacks and passIng speed wIll systematIcally Increase. The game supports onlIne multIlplayer feature.

The game Is avaIlable for PC, PSP, WII, Xbox 360, PlaystatIon 3 and PlaystatIon2.

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